On February 18, 2019, the San Francisco Board of Directors adopted the Citywide Project Labor Agreement Ordinance (section 6.27 of the SF Administrative Code). The settlement prompted the city to negotiate a proposed laboratory agreement (PLA) with the San Francisco Building Construction Trades Council. On July 14, 2020, the Citywide Project Labor Agreement came into effect. Contractors who carry out commercial work on COVERED PROJECTS are required: the city-wide contract, which is still in effect in 2018, deals with general working conditions and other non-salary conditions. Issues such as time and leave, the right to health insurance, staffing and salary practices, and overtime are negotiated under the citywide Contract. The Citywide Contract is described as non-economic because it does not set salaries, but it has an impact on members` paperbacks. For example, public holidays, annual holidays, extra hours, meal and car allowances, and differences in shift work are fixed. Non-mayoral agencies: (z.B. Transit Authority, Housing Authority, Board of Ed and CUNY.) The city-wide contract does not cover these workers. Talk to your union representative or local president for contracts for these agencies. If you ask for information, please provide your title and your agency. COVERED PROJECTS are those promoted by the San Francisco Department of Public Works and/or the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department that meet the following criteria: A full list of covered titles is listed in Schedule A.

Cerfified Local Business Enterprises (LBEs) is exempt from tax until payments of $5 million are issued for covered projects. Dominant conventional workers (also known as “220 workers”): the most predominant employees are covered by Comptroller`s provisions. Talk to your union representative or local president for a copy of your determination. If you ask for information, please provide your title and your agency. (For more information, please visit the NYC Comptroller website) hours per work week (Articles II and Appendix A) Holidays (Article V, Section 9) Leave Allowance (Article III) Post Difference (Article III) Overtime (Article IV) Sick Period (Article V) Annual Leave (Article V) Full-time Workers` Rights (Article I, V) Section 5) Basic Appeal Procedure (Article XV) Dismissal procedure for non-competitive workers (Article XVII, Section 3 and 4) Safety and Health (Article XIV) Seasonal Workers: please contact your union representative or local president to obtain a copy of your contract.

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