27.2 Access fees to other network call networks are based on mutual agreement between service providers and correspond from time to time to TRAI`s contracts/regulations/guidelines. 26.8 In its respective interconnection agreements, the licensee develops appropriate regular billing agreements with other licensed service providers. 40.5 In the event that confidential information is disclosed to the licensee for the proper performance of the contract, it is mandatory for the licensee, his employees and agents, in order to preserve his confidentiality and confidentiality. (viii) The taker ensures, through appropriate contractual terms with the seller, that the supplier/provider authorizes the telecommunications service provider, licensee/licensing provider and/or its notified organizations to verify the equipment, software, design, development, production facilities and supply chains and to subject the entire software to security or threat control when supplying devices. The number of such visits is limited to two in an order. Expenses for such visits, worth more than Rs 50,00,000 (Rupien 50 Crores) up to 40 man days per visit, are borne by the licensee directly or through the seller. 2.4 The licensee may designate any franchisee that is not limited to cable companies to provide last-kilometre connections, including appropriate rural exchanges to provide services. However, all responsibilities for compliance with the conditions of licence rest with the licensee. The terms of the franchise agreement between the licensee and his franchisee are settled by mutual agreement through negotiations between the two parties. (i) In addition to the “radio frequency fee” owed by the licensee under item 18.3 of the UAS licence agreement, the licensee also pays 1% of the AGR for services using the IVA spectrum as “annual frequency taxes” paying quarterly in advance. (ix) The licensee must indicate his identity in an understandable manner.

However, in the case of providing services to roaming subscribers of foreign companies, the Indian company is seeking traceable identity from the foreign company as part of its roaming agreement. 35.2 If the policyholder does not use the service or part of it within the time frame for commissioning (i.e. does not provide the service or meets the coverage criteria or network development obligations), the licensee has the right to recover liquidated damages amounting to Rs 5.00,000. (five lakh rupees) per week for the first 13 (13 weeks); for Rs 10,00,000 (Ten Lakhs rupees) for the next 13 (13) weeks and after for Rs. 20,00,000 lakhs (Rupees Twenty Lakhs) for the next 26 weeks (26) with a maximum of Rs. (Seven Crores rupees). Part of the week should be considered as a whole week for the calculation of liquidation costs. In the event of a delay of more than 52 weeks (fifty-two) weeks, the licence may be terminated under the terms of the license agreement.

The week means 7 (seven) calendar days (midnight) from Monday to Sunday; both days are included, and each additional day is counted as a whole week to recover the liquidated damage.

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